IVF has been termed the breakthrough in giving childless couples the chance to have a baby of their own. Nevertheless a technology is manmade and can have issues and IVF is no different. There are many women especially the ones over age who even after IVF cycles do not manage to conceive. IVF is a breakthrough but, it also has its limitations especially when it comes to age. Yes, IVF has blessed some over the age of 50 years women with children but, that is sheer luck and their fate to have a child in this age.

But, this does not mean if your IVF cycles are failing there is no hope for you. Doctors and scientists are always on the lookout for new breakthroughs and IVF technology is no less. The latest technology breakthrough is Laser Assisted Hatching (LAH). The main cause for a IVF cycle to fail is on implanting the egg in to the womb the egg does not get accepted by the womb or rather say the womb arrests itself and does not allow a foreign body (the egg) to make place at home.

In such cases, Laser Assisted Hatching or (LAH) is used. The process requires the use of laser technique in which a microscope is attached next to the womb and with the help of a laser a small hole is made in the egg fertilizing the egg with the sperm inside the womb. With AH technique even ladies who have undergone IVF cycles and failed due to their age being 37 or above can benefit and have a baby of their own. The process is totally safe and has no harsh affect on either the baby or the mother. So ladies who have gone through failed IVF treatment do not need to lose hope as this treatment is available in many IVF Center in India